Note: Bean&Bar is still very much in development and is neither feature-complete or fully populated with data. It is provided as-is, so you can make use of the data, make suggestions, corrections and give your feedback.

If you have suggestions, corrections or comments, please contact me.

Bean&Bar is an attempt to keep track of the growing band of artisan bean-to-bar chocolate makers around the world.

At its core, it is a simple database of chocolate makers, but it is also intended to keep track of the bars that these makers are producing and allow chocolate lovers like you to rate & review them. By doing so, Bean&Bar can help you discover more of the kinds of chocolate you love, and help the chocolate makers by providing them with valuable feedback.

When you review a bar, you have the option of picking out specific flavour notes, textures and intensities as well as making a note of the batch number. Over time, this will help build a picture of the different characteristics of different batches of chocolate and help makers to identify issues in a particular batch.

Bean&Bar has been designed, developed and built by Dom Ramsey, chocolate expert, web developer and founder of chocolate blog Chocablog.